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Managerial Communication And Ethics, MISM Program at University of Phoenix

Covers wide range of topics such as Communication Skills, Societal Values and Ethical Foundations, Research and Information Utilization, Personal Values and Ethical Foundations, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication and Presentation Skills. [UOP Catalog, Volume 32, No 1]

Human Relations And Organizational Behavior, MISM Program at University of Phoenix

Examines human relations theory and practice through individual, group, and organizational performance. Topics include perspectives on organizational behavior, optimizing individual performance, leadership and power, organizational design and structure, dynamics and change, and improving organizational effectiveness. [UOP Catalog, Volume 32, No 1]

Legal Environment of Business, MISM Program at University of Phoenix

Prepares the manager to make business decisions within a legal and ethical framework. Topics include the regulatory environment, contracts, business torts, partnerships and corporations, anti-trust, environmental law, employment law, and ethical considerations in business. [UOP Catalog, Volume 32, No 1]

Accounting And Finance For Managerial Decision Making, MISM Program at University of Phoenix

Addresses fundamental concepts of using accounting principles and financial tools and analysis for effective managerial decision making. Topics include the role of the financial manager in the organization, concepts and principles underlying financial accounting practices, financial statement analysis, capital budgets, operational planning and budgeting and stakeholder relationships with financial institutions and advisory firms. [UOP Catalog, Volume 32, No 1]

Programming Concepts, MISM Program at University of Phoenix

Covers basic concepts of computer programming. Topics include program structure and syntax, documentation, input/output, constants and variables, calculations,logic structures, control structures, arrays, file access, and design considerations. This course is to insure that managers have experience with computer programming in order to make more informed "build vs. buy" software decisions. [UOP Catalog, Volume 32, No 1]

Systems Analysis And Development, MISM Program at University of Phoenix

Provides a solid background in analysis and design techniques for business system and application software development. System Development Life Cycles is fundamentally covered besides other methodologies and tool are examined from a managerial prospective. [UOP Catalog, Volume 32, No 1]

Computer Structures, MIT Program at University of Liverpool

Aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of core software and hardware technologies. [Laureate Online Education, 2009]

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